What to Expect

How CBT is delivered

At Fusion Therapeutics, we are able to offer CBT in individual sessions with a therapist or as part of a group. The number of CBT sessions you will need depends on the difficulty you need help with. Often this will be between six and 20 weekly sessions. The initial consultation will be up to 90 minutes. At this session, you and your therapist will discuss your difficulties and shared goals for therapy will be agreed. Future sessions will last for 50 minutes and you will work with your therapist to improve your situation. CBT is a collaborative approach between you and your therapist and it will involve some work between your sessions. The therapist will guide you in making decisions and understanding your difficulties. This will empower you to identify a course of action relevant to you. By the end of treatment, you will have learnt CBT techniques that can be used in your daily life.


From the initial consultation, all information that you share with the therapist remains confidential. We will discuss issues of confidentiality and the client will have the opportunity to have any questions answered. The only time information may be shared with your GP or other relevant health care professionals, is when the therapist believes there is a serious risk to the client’s own safety or that of others. Should this be the case, the therapist will take every opportunity to discuss this with you and ensure you are aware of the course of action.

  • Fees
    Session fees are dependent upon the location you would like to be seen. Private practice is located in Ealing, a short walk from Boston Manor Station (Piccadilly line).
  • Prices range from:
    Session fee is agreed with the therapist at the time of booking.
  • Private health insurance
    If you have private health insurance, please discuss this with the therapist when you make your first appointment.
  • Cancellation
    Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the agreed session rate.
  • Reduced Fee appointments
    Fusion Therapeutics is able to offer a limited number of reduced fee appointments for students and those on a low income. Please discuss this with your therapist when making your initial appointment.